Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lots of bitching, not so much stitching

Today was the regular bi-monthly meeting of the Terminal City Yarn Wranglers. Good times, as always. And, as always, I accomplished next to nothing.

Well, almost no stitching, that is. I did somehow manage to get in a fair bit of bitching. Sometimes I think I should just leave my knitting at home; then, at least, I could concentrate 100% of my attention on the chatting.

I wisely elected to leave the cowl in its bag (well, except to show off my freshly brewed yarn), and chose instead to cast on a new project. It's the beginning of a new month, so that means new assignments for the House Cup on Ravelry. The charm of the month for November is alohomora (that's "open sesame" to any Muggles out there); I've decided to give that felted needle roll I ditched in favour of the felted bowls another lease on life. No pictures; there really isn't anything worth photographing yet. 

I had been planning to help Siobhan with the needle-felting of butterfly bodies to wings, but, busy, industrious Hufflepuff that she is, they were already done. I left the embellishing and antennae-making to her.

Aren't they beautiful? Siobhan also made one of the wee butterflies into a pin. Here she is wearing it (and a totally fab hat!):

The other highlight of the meet-up was the long-anticipated return of megknitficent, who missed the last two meet-ups because she was a) in Paris on holiday; and b) preparing to move. Seeing Megan was great, of course, but really, Piggy was waiting for her promised box of Parisian chocolates. I managed to restrict myself to two. Thanks, Megan!

Someone who didn't show up: Beentsy, who's been too busy studying sociopathic sex killers. WTF? Anyhoo...Beentsy, I am holding these hostage:

You'd better show up next time, dude.


  1. On can never have too much bitching at knit night lol. The butterflies came out great & her hat is goregous. I have to say I am drooling over your Parisian chocolates almost makes me want to toss the Hershey kiss I have in my hand back in the bag notice how I said almost lol....

  2. The butterflies are beautiful! And I am definitely joining in on that House Cup competition next term! How fun is that?!

  3. Sounds like you had a fun time.