Tuesday, November 25, 2008

FO: Noro Striped Scarf

No, I didn't abandon my long-held aversion to Noro and rush out to buy Silk Garden this morning so I could whip up a Whoro Striped Scarf of my own.

WoollyBugger finished hers tonight. 

And who is WoollyBugger? -- I hear you cry. (O.k., maybe not. But work with me. Just pretend you haven't figured it out yet.)

First, behold WoollyBugger's Skinny Noro Striped Scarf:

Pretty, no?

So, if you've visited ye olde blogge recently, you'll recognize this as my friend Mel's scarf. So what gives? Well, Mel is now on Ravelry, where she goes by the name WoollyBugger. Feel free to leave her your congratulations in a  personal message. (Really. Feel free. I've got the go-ahead from WoollyBugger herself.)


  1. I like the idea of using sock yarn for not-socks! And what a great username lol

  2. Pretty scarf new knitter! I will harass her later on Ravelry.

    Hey Yarnpiggy, did you see? You are the big scorer this week on the House challenge! Squee! Speech, speech.