Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fish Tales

Piggy's in a knitting funk. So is WoollyBugger, for that matter. We had the world's worst night of knitting yesterday, and agreed there would be no photographic evidence taken. 

My plan was to get a lot done today, but instead I spent most of it in bed, doped up on Robaxacet. I suspect it's sciatica. I am avoiding the doctor, because I'm irresponsible like that.

(BTW, I'd like to take a moment to boast that I was the only one of the 152 people participating in the House Challenge over at Polite Dissent (great blog -- check it out) to have melioidosis on their list of conditions/diseases, and thus was this week's high scorer.)

Anyhoo...I didn't want to leave you without something to look at, so I took a photo of Fish, my blue betta fish. He was formerly known as Blue Fish, when a second bowl housed Red Fish, but Red Fish is up in heaven with Dr. Seuss.

Fish might not be cute and cuddly, or love me unconditionally, but he doesn't roll around in dead worms and "all sorts of organic matter", creating a stink that makes their owners want to vomit, like some people's dogs, or attack my fibre, as other people's cats do.

And look at his scales -- my Fish could so totally inspire an awesome yarn colourway, no?


  1. Your fish would make a GORGEOUS colorway for sock yarn! And they could call it Betta Blue or something like that...

    And fish may not be cuddly, but I still think Fish is cute and not to mention very relaxing to watch. That's why fish tanks and bowls are so popular in places of stress (ie: doctor's offices...and you should totally see one!).

  2. Ohhhh! That would be a delicious colorway! *swoon*

  3. I think Fish is so very cute and cuddly. I had 3 fish a while back, Sushi, Wasabi, and Ginger.

    I hope you feel better soon darlin. I popped my back lifting mega bird out of the oven, so I feel your pain.

  4. Cute fishy is definitely a distraction from a knitting funk.

  5. you're right about the colorway. And the whole cat vs. yarn thing. Hope you feel better in the morning.

  6. I have problems with my sciatica & it sucks hardcore I hope your pain subsides soon. Hopefully your knitting funk ends soon