Saturday, November 22, 2008

Even more things you wanted to know about Piggy...or didn't

Not much to report on the knitting front today, so I thought I'd add onto the Piggy Hot 100...

101. My memory is spotty; I can remember long-ago, obscure details very well, but often forget where I parked a few minutes before. Or people I went to school with, large bits of my childhood, etc.
102. I’m a bit of a neat freak. When I was living with roommates, I couldn’t stand to see their dishes sitting in the sink for more than 15 minutes. I’d end up washing them.
103. That was also because I try to avoid conflict, as my hot temper makes conflict resolution a tricky thing.
104. I deal with cold weather much better than hot; I’d rather be shivering under ten blankets than be sweating in stifling heat.
105. I’m interested in reflexology, and would like to take a course in it.
106. One stumbling block to above: I’m not keen on feet.
107. I think Grover – especially Super Grover – kicks Elmo’s ass. 
108: High on my list of pet-peeves: price tags that don’t peel off easily. I mean, seriously, people: easy-peel tags exist. Use them. I’d happily pay the extra penny or two more they cost you. Triple that for tags on books.
109. I believe in ghosts, although I’ve never seen one myself.
110. I hate the ending of Grease. I think Sandy makes an awful tramp.
111. Things psychics/palmists/tarot readers have predicted/observed about me:
   a) three children by the age of 32;
   b) a career as a teacher or lawyer;
   c) I give my heart away too easily; and
   d) I'll marry a “very tall, athletic, European man, maybe Swiss, with a 'J' name”.
112. In reality, I:
   a) am childless and over the age of 32; (and absolutely fine with that)
   b) am neither a teacher nor a lawyer, and it's most unlikely I'll become either;
   c) don’t give away my heart at all; and
   d) am not holding my breath.
113. Despite this dodgy record, I do believe some people have a “gift”. Just none of the people I’ve paid.
114. I also believe in astrology. Sort of.
115. I’m a Cancer.
116. I have a pretty big crush on Stephen Colbert.
117. The colour yellow makes me look like death warmed over. Orange isn’t much better.
118. I love trains. Real ones, model ones, pictures of trains, whatever.
119. I think the Cookie Monster’s new regime of “cookies are a sometimes food” is political correctness gone way too far. He’s the Cookie Monster, for Pete’s sake.
120. Yes, I realize that is the second Muppet reference in this list.
121. I love mushrooms, but only when they are cooked.
122. I’m probably the only person on earth who thinks Timothy Dalton made an excellent 007.
123. I haven’t seen either of the Daniel Craig Bond movies. He’s pretty easy on the eyes, though.
124. Banana cream pie really grosses me out.
125. I think Casablanca is the most highly overrated movie ever. I haven’t been able to sit through it.

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  1. I thought of doing 100 things, might just end up doing it before the week is out.

    By the way, I've heard dead people.