Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bandwagon Knitting

This evening I'm shamelessly ripping off taking inspiration from today's post by the Harlot. I'm almost certain you've already read it, but in case you haven't, it's about knitting fads. Read it. (But finish Piggy's post first, I beg you; I suspect that unlike the Harlot, I cannot count on you coming back!)

As it happened, I had been going through my Ravelry queue earlier this morning, moving things around, adding a few patterns, etc. And there are several extremely popular patterns in my queue. Is it because I'm a slave to knitting fashion, a sheep, as it were? Perhaps. Or perhaps, like the Harlot concluded about the Noro Striped Scarf, these are simply great patterns.

Here, in the order they came to me (I went back to get the numbers afterwards), are Piggy's top 10 bandwagon knits...none of which I have (yet) knitted. Wherever possible, I've linked to the patterns' original homes, rather than Ravelry -- just in case some of you aren't yet Ravelers. But seriously, get with the program, would you? Sign up today!

  1. Clapotis by Kate Gilbert  
    Ravelry Projects: 8,505 

    This has to be the champion fad knit. I swear, just about every knitter I know has had the Clap. Some of them more than once. I have yet to succumb. This, if I am to be honest, is likely due more to the fact that I have not engaged in enough activity, rather than any safe knitting on my part.

  2. Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman
    Ravelry Projects: 5,521

    I've bought yarn for this pattern, but I suspect it will remain hidden at the bottom of my stash basket for a long while yet. By the time I get around to finishing a baby item, the intended baby has magically become a toddler. As an example, look to your right under "Hibernating" -- both baby items.

  3. Fetching by Cheryl Niamath
    Ravelry projects: 8,149

    Despite considerable pressure from yarny friends, including one in particular who shall remain nameless*, I have yet to join the throngs of knitters churning out these fingerless gloves -- or any of their considerable number of cousins. I still don't really "get" it: most of the heat escapes from your fingertips, so shouldn't those be the bits that are covered? Perhaps I need to come up with a pattern for fingertip cozies? 

  4. Koolhaas by Jared Flood
    Ravelry projects: 2,375

    First off, I should probably admit that I think I am a little in love with brooklyntweed. I cannot bring myself to comment on his blog, because the thought of writing something completely inane (or just plain boring) actually makes me a bit nervous. This does not prevent me from leaving inane and/or boring comments on other knitting big-wigs' blogs (I've certainly left enough of them on the Harlot's). But enough about my imaginary boyfriends...
  5. February Lady Sweater by Pamela Wynne
    Ravelry projects: 2,825

    Ok, so everyone stick your hands up in the air. Sure, wave them if you want. Ok, now, put them down if you've already knitted an FLS. Ok, those of you still waving: put them down if you've cast on for an FLS. And if you haven't put them down so now if the FLS is in your queue. Any hands still in the air? Didn't think so.

  6. Central Park Hoodie by Heather Lodinsky
    Ravelry projects: 1,926

    Apparently this lovely pattern runs "tiny". Piggy is a robust girl. Who sucks at math. This one will have to wait until I shrink, or my math skills miraculously improve (i.e. I find a mathematically gifted friend with whom I'm willing to share my measurements). 

  7. My So Called Scarf by Allison Isaacs
    Ravelry projects: 3,459

    I think I must be one of the few people my age in North America who has never seen an episode of My So-Called Life. What can I say? I wasn't cool when it was on, and I refused to watch it when it came back on Showcase or Bravo or wherever because by that time I'd seen the latest adaptation of Little Women, and I absolutely cannot stand Beth March, who's just soooo good she makes me sick, and was played by Claire Danes. But I digress (and run-on and on)...I do, however, like this scarf. (But the editor in me really wishes Ms. Isaacs had included the hyphen...)

  8. Saartje's Booties by Saartje de Bruijn
    Ravelry projects: 3,388

    Despite my Dutch heritage (my father was born and raised in the Netherlands, and came to Canada as an adult), I cannot pronounce Saartje (let alone de Bruijn) correctly. Yes, this is enough to delay an attempt at completing these adorable booties. Also, see #2.

  9. Booga Bag by Julie Anderson
    Ravelry projects: 2,129

    Unlike countless knitters (including another friend who shall remain nameless**), I am not a Noro Whoro. In fact, the three skeins of Kuryeon I donated to Team Canada as a Ravelympics prize was not, shall we say, an act of selflessness. The scratchy stuff was taking up too much space in the stash basket. Now that I have some experience with felting, I'm willing to give it another shot. Eventually.

  10. Monkey by Cookie A.
    Ravelry projects: 7,224

    What's not to love about a designer who likes to strike unusual poses with a mannequin's leg? But first I need to learn how to knit a pair of plain vanilla socks, a la The Harlot's own Basic Sock Recipe (Ravelry projects: 2,840)

So tell me: have you knit any of these? Do you embrace knitting fads, and like to jump on bandwagons? Do you avoid them at all costs? Do you care?

* Yeah, right. It's MrsQ.
** And that would be Beentsy.


  1. Awesome! I am the Noro Whoro and I have had the Clap. My mom is going to be so proud. I've also got a February Lady on the needles and a Central Park Hoodie in the wings. I've made Fetchings and her other pattern, Dashings for Christmas presents. There are two My So Called Scarves in my wee house - love this pattern. The best mindless yet beautiful transit knitting you will ever do. As an added bonus, I have made a Booga Bag - in Kureyon #40. Wow, I'm totally a trend knitter! Finally, I'm one of the cool kids. That only took almost 40 years. ;)

  2. In my defense, can I point out that it's not so much the fingerless mitt idea that I'm trying to push on you, so much as various tasty yarns whose purchase could be justified by the promise of said mitts?

  3. I think I've got pretty much all of that in my queue but I've only knit koolhaas and some of CPH.

    You want to talk about fad knitting, I knit Charlotte's Web as my first ever project. Apparently where there is a knitted bandwagon I will jump on. This is funny because when it comes to anything not involving yarn I deliberately avoid fads. Case in point I have still not read Harry Potter or watched the Simpsons.

  4. Letseehere....

    1. Check: Yeah I got the clap~ but it was huge, fuzzy, and multicoloured so it stand out. (ew!) (and- bwahahaha!)

    2. Nada: I want to knit this- we should knit it together.

    3. Nada: Meh.

    4. Nada: DROOL! I wants this. Have you seen the one knit with one yarn being a variegated? Tres yum!

    5. Nada: But want to.

    6. Nada: A Cardigan for Arwen is higher up in my queue but CPH is there!

    7. Check: Loved it!

    8. Check: messed them up hardcore. Don't know what to do with them.

    9. Check: like... a kabillion. But I started knitting these BR. (before ravelry).

    10. Nada: but I desire them so.

    High five on the blog entry!

  5. Would you believe that none of those are in my queue nor have I made any.

    Haven't purchased or knitted with the following yarns Noro, STS, Malabrigo.

    Fads, I'm immune.

  6. I've knit half of them: Clapotis, Fetching, FLS, Booga Bag and the Monkey socks. I've knit more than one Clapotis, Booga, and Monkeys. And they really are all great patterns!

  7. Nope, never made any of them. And I'll always come back to read your blog, dearie!

  8. How funny, I have made almost all of those LOL :-)

  9. I like to think I don't care about fads of any sort... problem is, if something's popular, I'm more likely to hear about it. And some things, like the Noro scarf, really are that lovely. Anyway:

    1. I've had the Clap. I got better :)

    2. One trick I've found with baby stuff is not to decide what baby it's going to until it's done, or at least close. I've made one BSJ that I can remember, but have another languishing in the WIPs pile, waiting for those dratted shoulder seams to be finished....

    3. I don't get the appeal of fingerless gloves either... but I made a pair for my father when he was really ill, and they were great for keeping his hands warm while still allowing him to use his hands somewhat (about as much as he wanted to). In other words, if you like the pattern, you don't have to wear them yourself :)

    4. Someday - now that I've finished my third Shedir!

    5. It's not in the queue... yet.

    6. If I can legitimately acquire the pattern, maybe. Otherwise, cabled hoodies are not exactly a rare breed.

    7. I hadn't actually heard of this one. Meh.

    8. I've heard they don't stay on; if that's true, cute though they may be, I don't really see the point.

    9. Felting? Meh, again.

    10. Been there, done that; much prefer the toe-up version.

    My Ravelry queue is pretty sparse, as I tend to keep it strictly to what I've already got the yarn for. My favourites are another story altogether....

  10. I too jump on the bandwagon, especially when the pattern is something I'm looking to make.

    I've knit the Baby Surprise Jacket, along with the booties and bonnet. It is a great pattern and you'll love it. I've also knit the Monkeys, although I changed the pattern a bit.

    Also, the February Lady Sweater is on my list!!

    Daniele aka

  11. Haven't knitted any of these. I've queued the Central Park Hoodie, but am fairly certain I will just blatantly steal the cable pattern and use it for something else.

    Can't stand a scarf named after an annoying show from the 90s. Trust me, I grew up in that era, but the show still annoyed me.

    Guess it's you and me, Piggy.

  12. I just found your blog, apparently I have been living in a vacumn, nice even, I even learned that I always said "in flanders field the poppies grow!" only to find out they "blow" which means I have been wrong for about 56 years....such a revelation...and yes, I have done some fetching, some dashing, and bsj, and that's about it....thanks for the morning fun read...I also really liked the crochet scarf, that could be a "do" for me too....sounds like you only took a few days to finish it> with a coach...

  13. I love that scarf! Could that be my next project?

  14. I can honestly say I've never knit any of these but my wife has knit two. We tend not to sheep knit.

  15. Ya know, I've knit the Clap and Fetchings...but I just did it because I happened to have just enough yarn for those patterns! :)

    :) This could so become a type of meme.