Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sweater Steve: 1, 62% of those who voted: 0

I had intended to blog about Tuesday's election results today. But I've decided not to. I'm down with the Cold From Hell - Round 3, and I'm just too tired. Too tired to knit, even. Seriously.

Besides, my friend Mrs. Quimby pretty much nailed it in her post yesterday. 

But before you wander over there...just one thing I'd like to add. Two simple words: proportional representation. We need it, STAT.


  1. Amen, Halleluljah, where do I sign the petition?

    (Want to help me write the petition?)

  2. I'm sorry girl. In my area, we had something like 38% voter turnout. Makes me want to crawl into bed for a year.

    And seriously, what the H E double hockey sticks is with this cold? I swear, we've been sick for like 3 weeks. It's just not natural. Maybe it's some sort of super conservative cold and that's how they won. All the liberal folk were too sick at home to vote!