Thursday, October 9, 2008

Piggy's favourite season... definitely autumn. Well, when it's sunny and dry, anyway. At this time of year, I really miss being back east. Still, we on the Wet West Coast occasionally enjoy a sunny afternoon, and do have a few deciduous trees that sport some lovely foliage.

I took these pictures yesterday, just after arriving home from work. This tree is just two houses down from chez Piggy, and I've been watching the leaves changing daily. Gorgeous, no?

I love fall colours, but I tend not to knit with them very often. They don't like me very much (yellow of any shade makes me look green), and not too many of my to-knit-for people are fond of them, either. Not that I manage to complete most of my gift knitting anyway...


  1. Beautiful photos! I think you could totally wear that fiery red colour.

  2. Wow! Nice shots. My favorite season also. Here in New England we'll be getting our last blast of color through the next week and (boo hoo)it'll be gone.

  3. Socks! You could knit socks in those stunning colours...and nobody would care if your feet looked green. I mean, who's going to look that closely? And if they do, you can always kick them in the head while they're down there being smarty-pants.