Friday, October 3, 2008

Knitting news of the week

I figured I should actually have some knitting content in the ol' blog this week, seeing as how this is primarily a knitting blog. Problem is, of course, that I haven't really got any knitting of my own to show off.

Wait...I do. Sort of. Maybe. Hold on a sec while I go check Ravelry.

Yes, ok, ok, I can swipe a picture from the September Astronomy class thread. So behold, my homework (begun and completed at the very last minute, in typical Piggy fashion):

Right. Remember, I did say sort of. It isn't impressive, I know. But it is knitting. My knitting. These are four little stars for my Christmas tree, made from Bernat's new Glow in the Dark yarn, and using the Super Stars pattern found on Nanette Blanchard's blog Knitting in Color.

But let's move on to what I was planning to include here, shall we? And that is, interesting knitting-related happenings culled at random.

(The yarn works, by the way. Not for ages, but it does give off a glow. I'm not really sure I want to know how it works, or if whatever is in the yarn to make it glow is now coursing through my circulatory system, but it does work. My weak photography skills mean I do not have a picture to prove it, but you can trust the Piggy. Really.)

Right. So, two yarn-related yarns I've collected over the week that might be of interest:

First...knitting as punishment. (I know. Shocking concept.) But it's true. An 89-year-old German grandmother who slashed the tires of cars parked in her street has been "sentenced" to knitting sweaters for her victims.

And on a nicer, warm-and-fuzzy (literally) note, a feel-good story from the U.K., where knitters are taking part in The Big Knit.

This fun campaign, put on by innocent drinks, raises funds for Age Concern. Each year, innocent drinks accepts little knitted hats to top their smoothie bottles. For every "behatted bottle" sold, 50p (that's about 96 cents Canadian/89 cents U.S. by today's exchange) goes to help keep older people in Britain warm through the winter. Nice one, eh?

The 2008 campaign, which wraps up October 17, has collected 201,033 hats so far. You can see some of them at The Big Knit group page on Flickr.

And to send you on your way into the weekend, here's a cute video from innocent's website.

See you tomorrow!

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