Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jack Bauer Chez Piggy

Sort of. First, a bit of background.

Tonight I've been working on the stitchmarkers for beentsy, who you may recall was the winner of the wee comment contest I held a ways back during the Canadian election campaign. As I mentioned in that post, the winner got her pick of Conservative blue, Liberal red, NDP orange or Green party green. 

I also said the choice needn't coincide with the winner's actual political leanings. Please remember this as I hijack my own post and go off on a strange tangent...

Beentsy selected orange.

I have no idea who she voted for. (Well, I'm fairly sure she did not vote Conservative; beyond that, I have no clue.) I do know (and really, really appreciate) that she and I don't compete for the same colourways in our LYS. She digs all those earth tones that don't do all that much for me.

I also know how I voted (well, d'uh), and it wasn't for the orange team. But that doesn't prevent me from being a big fan of Jack Bauer's granddaddy. 

It's a little late for our election, but the message is timeless (and borderless)...

So, my fellow mice...who wants to volunteer to lead the next revolution?

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