Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Will curiosity kill the cat?

Did anyone watch The Hour last night? George Stroumboulopolous (my boyfriend and yours), had Jack Layton, leader of the NDP on. In fact, all of the national federalist party leaders (George's people and Gilles Duceppe's people are looking at their schedules, too, so the Bloc Quebecois leader might be on) had agreed to come on the show, except Prime Minister Stephen Harper, aka (chez Piggy, anyway) Sweater Steve.

The PM, I'll admit in the face of actual evidence, and not a blue-sweater photograph designed to elicit the warm and fuzzies, is nice to cats. Check out George’s response.

George, I should point out, is also a cat lover; Diefenbaker is quite safe.

Now, Harper’s decision to not “do” The Hour isn’t surprising. The PM is known for his chilly relationship with the media in general, and the show’s format isn’t really Sweater Steve’s style.

But he’s not doing The National, either.

The National (the CBC’s flagship news program, presented in a very traditional format) featured part of Peter Mansbridge’s interview with Green Party leader Elizabeth May (the full interview is available here). May was the second of the leaders (Layton was on last week) to participate in the Your Turn segment, answering questions from CBC viewers. At the end of the show, Mansbridge said that next up was Stephane Dion of the Liberals.

So what about Sweater Steve? His communications people told Pete and the CBC that the PM would like to appear on The National, but not in the “current format”. Mansbridge said the CBC “hoped [Harper] would change his mind”.

Sweater Steve doesn’t want to answer Canadians’ questions. At least, I presume, not without the opportunity to see the questions ahead of time.

Am I the only one bothered by this?

A few days ago I decided to check out NaBloPoMo. I figured it would be a good exercise to try to post every day for a month. I discovered that the theme for October is “Vote”. Now, there is no obligation to go with the theme; I could just post about anything, as long as I did it every day. But on reflection, I think this could be fun.

So I've signed up. (Besides, it’s not like I’ve been cranking out the FOs at a steady clip. Unlike the Yarn Harlot, who yesterday posted a doozy of an open letter to Sweater Steve. But rest assured, I will include any and all of my fibre-related goings-on in addition to the politics.)

Watch this space!

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