Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rules are meant to be broken

In spite of item 22 on the yarnpiggy Hot 100, the past few days chez piggy have most definitely fit into the glass half-full category.

Let's start with Sunday, when I successfully navigated the budget-threatening baskets of cashmere and crates of Mmmmmalabrigo and emerged from Three Bags Full with precisely -- you heard me, precisely -- what I had planned on buying.

I cannot recall the last time I came out of the LYS with a receipt totalling less than $30. It just doesn't happen. On Sunday, item 15 on the list simply did not apply. My money was planted firmly on terra firma.

Yes, indeedy. Four skeins of yarn. Four modest -- beautiful, most assuredly, but not, shall we say...luxurious or extravagant -- skeins.

The yarnpiggy-hot-pink and black Cascade 220 are for a swap. Probably shouldn't talk about that in too much detail just yet.

The Mission Falls 1824 Wool is for a pumpkin hat for my colleague's ridiculously adorable son Othello. Not many children can wipe their chocolately hands all over my face (we had a wine-and-chocolate tasting session at the office last Friday; it's a tough gig, but as some wise old philosopher once said, somebody's gotta do it) and maintain a spot on my to-knit-for list, but Othello soooo does.

Fast-forward to Monday, when a highly anticipated package arrived in my PO box.

A lucky, lucky piggy am I. These glorious items came from Leah in Brooklyn. She was my partner for two swap-bot swaps -- one for Afghan squares, and one for "what you can knit in a weekend". Get this -- she did the scarf TWICE -- because USPS and/or Canada Post screwed the pooch and lost it the first time 'round. How nice is that? And she threw in extras, too: a beautiful bag from etsy seller PintsizeHome, and a great, eco-friendly notebook. Thanks so much, Leah!

Which brings us to yesterday, when I finally had a breakthrough with item 68.

Crochet is my bitch.

(Sort of, anyway.)


  1. You GO, girl! Gives a whole new meaning to "Where your stitches at"!

  2. Dude! You are rocking the sh*t on that crochet! Whoo hoo!

  3. Kudos to you - crochet is most definitely NOT my bitch.
    And those swap items are beautiful!
    Also, I love your banner. :)

  4. Yay! I am so relieved that it got to you safe and sound...meanwhile another scarf and a Hannari Tofu memo book are floating around the ether somewhere!

    Lovely crochet!