Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"Learning to knit...or maybe not"

Just a quickie today, as I'm feeling a bit under the weather. But while messing around on the CBC archives site, I came across a great clip of Peter Gzowski attempting to learn to knit on the air—he in Toronto, his teacher in Halifax—on the October 12, 1983 episode of Morningside. Remember Morningside?

(For you non-Canadians, or Canadians of a certain ilk—i.e., non-CBC Radio listeners, or people too young to remember this show, Morningside—hosted by Peter Gzowski—was a Canadian institution for years. It featured interviews with Canadians of all stripes—politicians, celebrities, or your neighbour down the street, from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland to the Arctic—and was something only the CBC could provide, in my not-so-humble opinion.)

Forgive me for a minute and let me jump on my soapbox: the CBC is a national treasure, and we should do everything in our power to prevent its dilution or dissolution. Think about that next month when you head to the polls, my compatriots.

Anyhoo, whatever your nationality or politics, the segment, entitled Learning to knit...or maybe not, which you can listen to here, is hilarious, and well worth a listen (it's about 10 minutes long).

I didn't hear it the first time it aired (I probably would have been in the middle of recess, as I was in elementary school at the time), but listening to it this morning did bring back a lot of fond memories. And it made me appreciate the efforts of everyone who has ever taught me anything about knitting.


  1. Seriously, this is the most Canadian statement I've ever heard in my life: 'But while messing around on the CBC archives site, I came across a great clip of Peter Gzowski'


  2. Well now I know a bit more about life in Canada. Thanks!
    And thanks for sharing your stash enhancing expedition. Clever name. I love it!!! I'm on a yarn diet and I can just oooh and ahhh over your new goodies:)