Monday, September 1, 2008

Labouring (under a delusion)

I've been slow to get this post written. That's partly because I've been busy cleaning up chez Piggy, and partly because I'm a champion procrastinator.

But it's mostly because I have been in a serious state of denial about the most eventful part of my Labour Day long weekend -- the second anniversary sale at Three Bags Full.

Honestly, I tried to fight them off, but they insisted on coming home with me. You should have seen it -- the fibre was flying, leaping from cubbies, racks and shelves into my bag. This despite the ridiculous lack of room to manoeuvre in the frenzied can of sardines the normally peaceful shop became.

Further points in my defence: a) this stash-enhancing feat was accomplished over a two-day period (I wasn't going to admit that, but I was unceremoniously outed earlier today); b) most of these skeins came from the 50%-off section; and c) the bulk of it is destined for other people, either in skein or finished-object form.

All the same, I feel a little weak looking at this mountain of yarn. The final tally:
  • seven skeins Blue Sky Alpacas Skinny Cotton;
  • four skeins Koigu Kersti;
  • four skeins Blue Sky Alpacas Sport Weight;
  • three skeins Cherry Tree Hill Merino Sock;
  • two skeins Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca Silk;
  • two skeins Malabrigo Merino Worsted;
  • two skeins Malabrigo Lace;
  • one skein Malabrigo Silky Merino;
  • one skein Misti Alpaca Lace; and
  • one skein Rowan Calmer.

It was freaking fantastic, to be honest. Check out beentsy's blog for better crowd shots, as well as those of the pre-opening queue down Main Street. Oh, and a great pic of the cupcake tree (not only did the lovely ladies of Three Bags Full give us all a great sale and wonderful service, they fed us cupcakes! -- it will no doubt come as an enormous surprise to all who know me that I refused to be distracted by the cupcakes long enough to photograph them; I was entirely devoted to the yarn.)

What won't come as a surprise at all is that I took so long to decide that of my fellow first-in-liners, only beentsy stuck around long enough to check out my new stuff; both Plae and Mrs.Quimby were long gone by the time I made it through the cash.

Obviously I need to spend more time honing my yarn acquisition skills.


  1. You're amazing, what can I say. ;) So, uh...I hear they have a winter sale to eh? Snicker. I'll bring my umbrella and meet you there an hour before opening again?

  2. Ooooh! Pretty!

    Also, their boxing day sale is the only one I'll get out of bed for. Maybe we should meet for breakfast first, for fortification and strategizing. Just putting that out there. No enabling here, nope. None at all.

  3. That is some booty you got thar! Way to go twice! Luckily I had a friend move on Sunday who needed my help or else I would have been there alongside you. Never thought I would be happy about helping someone move. Sheesh.