Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Just one more skein...

…to add to the Labour Day weekend S.E.X. (stash-enhancing expedition/experience) tally:

This beautiful skein of Blue Sky Alpacas Skinny Cotton (in mallard, the most gorgeous colour!) came to my door yesterday, as part of the second half of the Ravelry BSA swap. My wonderful, no-longer-a-mystery partner, mprsdrose, had actually hand-delivered it to the front door. (She didn’t know I was in the basement suite, since all my mail goes to the regular mailbox.)

Here’s the whole package:

A nice blend of useful stuff and yummy stuff. I am a lucky Piggy indeed. Thanks so much, mprsdrose! I'm sorry I missed you!

I am now officially on a yarn diet: I will not buy any more yarn until I have used at least 20% of my current stash.

Like that's ever going to happen.


  1. Oooohh!! The envy... That color is gorgeous!! And your blog is very pretty.

    I just wish I could find some decent yarn here in Costa Rica. Yarn here just sucks. :(

  2. Nice pal! I miss doing swaps... someday I will have time and freedom again. :)

    And that crowd photo of the sale in your previous post cracked me up -- hee hee!

  3. Very pretty colour! Yarn diet? Hmmmm, I know what yarn means and I know what diet means but put together I lose all understanding of these words. Strange, no?