Saturday, September 20, 2008

A girl can dream, can't she?

Remember playing M.A.S.H as a kid? You know, the game where you find out if you'll wind up living in a Mansion, Apartment, Shack or House, with the man of your dreams or the yuckiest boy in your class? Well, guess what I found on Plae's blog?

Well, of course the interweb has come up with a version for the ol' blog.

So, read it and weep, my friends:

Behold... My Future

I will marry Hugh Laurie.

After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in Cornwall in our fabulous Shack.

We will have 1 kid(s) together.

Our family will zoom around in a blue Morgan.

I will spend my days as a LYS owner, and live happily ever after.

whats your future

I would gladly live in a shack, and hell, even reproduce, if all the rest of it came true. Come on, having a LYS in Cornwall and coming home to Hugh Laurie? Score! ;-)


  1. Do I get a discount at your store because pointed you in the direction of your awesome future? I'll write you a poem and everything.