Wednesday, August 13, 2008

STOP THE PRESSES: Cellulite-reducing yarn

Don’t get too excited: this is not coming to your LYS anytime soon. But I’m not joking.

I had been planning a quick post on my Ravelympics progress, but I came across this rather interesting piece of news while wasting time surfing the internets, pretending to work doing some research this morning.

The industrial yarn division of international chemical giant Rhodia has announced the launch of
Emana, an "intelligent” polyamide yarn that promises wearers not only improved athletic performance but also cellulite reduction.

According to its press release (available on its website, as well as,
the company has the data to back up its claims:
Scientific studies conducted by the independent Brazilian lab Kosmoscience
demonstrate that during exercise sportswear manufactured with Emana improves
body thermo-regulation by 41 percent compared to other products and reduces the
accumulation of lactic acid, which leads to muscular fatigue, by 35 percent. The
same studies also indicate enhanced comfort and gains in signs of cellulite
reduction, with an eight percent increase in skin elasticity.
For the full story, go here.

Garments made with this new miracle product have debuted this week at the Salao Lingerie Brasil show; runners can check out sportswear made from the yarn at the upcoming Sao Paolo Running Show.

Rhodia has its headquarters in France; however, potential buyers have the company’s Brazilian-based research team to thank for the new yarn. Which makes perfect sense.

Because, of course, so many Brazilian athletes suffer from terrible cellulite issues. Like beach volleyballers Larissa Franca and Ana Paula Connelly, for example.

(I chose a pretty conservative shot, here, because I am just about apopleptic with jealousy I am not a teenage boy. But you can google Larissa Franca for some even better evidence.)


  1. OK, a) I want some of that yarn, or any product made from it! and b) I feel a burning desire to go out and play beach vollyball...why am I feeling so inadequate right now??? :)

  2. I think I need an entire wardrobe out of that fabric...