Friday, August 22, 2008

Socks: 1 Piggy: 0

As promised -- against my innate desire to preserve any shred of dignity I had, mind you -- I give you the results of my workshop at the Gibsons Landing Fibre Arts Festival:

That is the result of a full day's knitting in the workshop on how to knit two socks on one long circular needle. Or, in my case, how to make a pair of cowls for a couple of Barbies.

What you see her are the beginning of the heel flaps. Well, sort of. The day's goal was to complete (or to make some serious headway, at least) a pair of mini socks. I promptly decided to design a brand-new style of sock: the moebius-cuff. I'll have the pattern up on Ravelry a.s.a.p. ;-)

Despite my abject failure to complete the task, I had a great time in the workshop, and am determined to complete my first pair of socks -- eventually. (First I need to get at least one of my two remaining Ravelympics projects done!)

One of my new Ravelry friends, Meg the Megknitficent, (aka the Knit Pixxie), was also in the class -- she was one of the class rock-star sock knitters, and almost finished her pair, despite all the gabbing (and Ravelry proseletyzing) we did.

She and her friend Julie (left) were the super-smart knitters who brought camp chairs (complete with yarn holders, not drink holders!) for a comfy day of knitting.

Lots more from the festival to come -- now I have to go down to the Landing to help set up tents for the weekend's events.

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  1. Maybe I got my projects done (I low-balled myself) and scored with that swift....but YOU got to go to Gibsons & I didn't...wah!