Friday, August 15, 2008

New Yarn, Old WIPs

Well, they might not promise to fix my lumpy thighs, (if you're new, check out yesterday's post) but two gorgeous fingering weight/sock yarns with a magical flavour have joined my stash this week.

First up: “Nymphadora Tonks” from Biscotte – if you’re a Ravelry member, visit Louise here. And if you speak French better than I do, visit her blog. She is lovely, and has some beautiful hand-dyes in her etsy shop, Biscotte & Cie.

And here’s what the postman delivered to my office this morning:

This is Twist Superwash Yarn in the Gillyweed colourway from Sunshine Yarns. I’m a huge sucker for greens, and boy, are these stunning. Dani does beautiful work! She is also on Ravelry, right here.

Meanwhile, back at Team Canada Ravelympics headquarters, several of my teammates have been putting in some excellent performances. I, however, am about to be lapped. I’m way behind my rather relaxed target times, and it appears I am unlikely to set any personal bests, let alone a world record.

Closest to the finish line is my This Little Piggy, for the Amigurumi-n-Toy Toss.

With luck (or a perhaps a huge fire lit under my butt), I’ll finish this tonight. It’s been a tough slog. The pattern, by Amy Gaines, is wonderful – the instructions are very clear, and come with several photos. The real problem has been the finishing. I’ve kept it to a minimum, by knitting it in the round, but appendages do need to be sewn on.

I cannot stand sewing. I loathe it. It all seems so easy, but I always end up taking forever on something that should take a couple of minutes, and I always make a mess.

But I persevere. (Can you hear the violins?)

I’ve also done a very little bit of knitting on my entry in the WIPs Wrestling:

This is the top-down, seamless (yippee!) raglan cardigan designed by Carole Barenys. (This is the garter-ridge version, which isn't on her site; you can get the pattern here.)I have no excuse for taking so long to complete this, as this pattern is also very clear, the yarn I’m using – Sublime Soya Cotton DK – is gorgeous and, most importantly, the intended recipient, my friends’ baby son Addison, was born in May and is growing. Fast. My new goal is to have this complete by the end of the weekend.

One thing that could derail that not-terribly-ambitious goal is Ebony. You remember her. Here’s another picture from last weekend that I forgot I had.

I’m babysitting her tomorrow afternoon/evening. I suspect she might prove distracting.

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  1. Your sweater does look a whole lot like the one I'm knitting for my neices. Just a couple of differences! Yours is beautiful and I love the yarn.

    And the pup is super cute!!!