Friday, August 8, 2008

Let the Games Begin!

Well, after months (and months, and months, and months) of dithering about colour schemes, templates, html codes (believe it!) and most especially a name, I've finally decided that enough is enough: today is the day to launch this long-promised (threatened?) blog.

Today marks the start of Ravelympics 2008. If you're a member of ravelry, you'll know what I'm talking about. The rest of you (all three of you) should google it, because -- and you'll soon see why -- I really don't have the time fully to explain the wonder that is the Ravelympics now. Or indeed until the flame is extinguished in Beijing. (That was a hint.)

Yet behold the power of the Ravelympics:

This, my friends, is a swatch. Actually, it's my very first swatch. Ever. I have been knitting for two years, and I have never swatched. It's been almost a source of pride. Ok, that's a lie. Actually, the swatch is my knitting boggart; I'd thus far avoided swatching, as the thought of being miles off gauge is rather terrifying. Even more terrifying than the prospect of spending hours, days, weeks -- months, even -- knitting something beautiful from a paycheque's worth of yarn and having it be three sizes too small. (Ok, ok, I've never knit anything like that. But my point holds. Because it's my blog, that's why.)

Call it beginner's luck, but that masterpiece above is right on target for my entry in the Baby Dressage event, the Funky Baby Kimono designed by the lovely meliab. I'm calling it the Tofu-nky Kimono, however, as I'm using the gorgeously soft Sublime Soya Cotton.

I'm also entered in WIPs (that's Works In Progress for you three muggles) Wrestling, with a cardigan for my friends' beautiful baby boy (it was supposed to be ready for Kyla's baby shower, which was supposed to be one month before Addison's arrival; he came early, and the cardi is coming late. Ok, very late. Maybe it will fit his teddy bear or something) and a stuffed pig designed by Amy Gaines for the Amigurumi 'n Toy Toss.

But this morning, at the unholy hour of 4:50, I dropped out of bed, turned on the idiot box and tuned in to the CBC's coverage of the opening ceremonies of that other little event in Beijing, and cast on the two new projects.

Tofu-nky Kimono

This Little Piggy

This was ill-advised. My selected projects are not, by any means, hugely complicated knits; however, I am the world's biggest procrastiknitter (yes, muggle trio, that's a pun, nicely spotted), and am not exactly speedy once I get going. I see a lot of coffee (and, in all likelihood, plenty of gin) in my future.


  1. Hi, I'm from Brazil and in a random switch found your blog.
    it is funny I hope that was the intention. I make tricot or knitting as you say and always want to put some of my, I don't know the word in english , but in Portuguese we say "receita" for pulls, socks, groves, in a blog and I never do.
    I like yours. I hope you post your progress and maybe I start my own too.
    Nice Day for you, sorry the English :)

  2. Congrats on both the new blog and the knitting. I knit a scarf and made it too long and too fat. I figure one day I'll use it to swaddle a cat in.